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Videos: Chapter Nine

July 13, 2011

This post contains video materials related to chapter nine, which focuses on the role of changing technology and its impact on warfare.

Clausewitz and the trend towards “absolute war” in industrial society.

Napoleonic warfare: Napoleon’s invasion of Russia, 1812.

World War One military technology.

German Zeppelin attack on Russians.

Warfare World War One: Attrition and the Battle of Verdun (four parts).

“Hanging on the old barbed wire.”

Canadians confront a machine gun emplacement at Passchendaele, World War One.

Poison gas.

The history of the machine gun (three parts).

The evolution of the tank.

“All Quiet on the Western Front” (1930) Trailer.

“Pack all your troubles in your old kit bag.”

Blitzkrieg in Poland (1939)–German combat footage.

The London Blitz, 1940-41.

Vera Lynn, Britain’s songstress of World War Two.

“Lili Marlene” (German).

“Lili Marlene” (English).

German submarines in World War Two with music by Nazi swing band.

Stalingrad (1942): A German perspective.

The first American daylight bombing of Germany.

The bombing campaign against Japan (four parts).

B-52s in Vietnam.

The civilian nuclear strategists: and the development of deterrence theory.

President Ronald Reagan’s Strategic Defense Initiative.

Minuteman III ICBM launch.

Carl Sagan explains nuclear winter.

Protect and Survive: British emergency planning for a nuclear war (late 1970s and early 1980s)

US nuclear attack warning.

Tomahawk cruise missile.

Simulated Predator drone missile attack.

Genuine Predator drone missile attack in Afghanistan.


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