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Videos: Chapter Eight

July 12, 2011

This post contains video materials for chapter eight, which deals with power, anarchy, and war.

Investigation of the Cheonan incident.


John Mearsheimer on realism, power, China, and power politics.


Joseph Nye on soft power.


Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on deterring Iran.


Dr. Strangelove and the failure of nuclear deterrence.


Thomas Schelling on the paradox of nuclear deterrence and the role of mutual assured deterrence.


Thomas Schelling on the complexity of deterrent strategy and the implications of a nuclear Iran.


A British spoof on nuclear deterrence.


Professor Robert Jervis speaking on the role of “nuclear superiority.”


The Kosovo conflict – a case of successful coercive diplomacy/compellence.


“Chicken” race from the film Footloose.


Power ranking among state using capability analysis (two parts).


Winston Churchill’s radio broadcast on the causes of war.


A prisoner’s dilemma.


The Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, a Russian perspective.


President Barack Obama signs the new START Treaty with Russia.


Professor Graham Allison on the threat of nuclear terrorism.

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