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Videos: Chapter Six

July 8, 2011

This post contains video materials for chapter six, which deals with a variety of complex empirical and normative issues that are central to contemporary change in global politics.

Presidential candidate Barack Obama discusses economic globalization and its impact on the United States.


What is globalization – from students’ perspectives.


Professor Nayan Chanda describes the historical origins of globalization.


Globalization and technology.


Globalization, information, and change.


The power of information technologies – the story of WikiLeaks.


Benjamin Barber on the implications of globalization.


Globalization as McDonaldization, a spoof.


Professor David Held discusses global governance.


Globalization and migration.


Globalization – good or bad – a Russian debate.


Professor C. K. Prahalad discusses globalization’s impact on the world’s poor.


Professor Joseph Stiglitz on the economic costs of globalization.


Globalization, outsourcing, and “a race to the bottom” (Two parts).


A lengthy discussion about the future of global capitalism.


The privatization of violence – Blackwater USA.


Professor Amartya Sen on globalization and justice.


Globalization, democracy, and the “democratic deficit.”


Anti-globalization demonstration in Geneva, Switzerland (2009).


Anti-globalization demonstration in Turin, Italy (2009).

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