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Videos: Chapter Three

July 6, 2011

This post contains video materials for chapter three, which deals with the causes and consequences of the two great wars of the first half of the 20th century that so greatly shaped contemporary global politics.

The Great War begins.


Sarajevo and the assassination of an Austrian archduke.


The funeral of Otto von Habsburg (2011).


The War Plans (2 parts).


The Paris Peace Conference and the Treaty of Versailles.


Hitler’s rise to power.


Charlie Chaplin parodying Hitler in The Great Dictator.


Hitler and friends at Berchtesgaden.


Germany remilitarizes the Rhineland, March 1936.


Hitler occupies Austria, March 1938.


Appeasement and Czechoslovakia, September 1938.


World War Two begins – the invasion of Poland, September 1939.


Winston Churchill, the anti-appeaser: “Do Your Worst!”


Japan attacks Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941.


President Franklin D. Roosevelt declares war on Japan.


The last film of Adolf Hitler, in Berlin March 22, 1945.


Adolf Hitler’s last broadcast to the German people, January 30, 1945.


The atomic bombing of Hiroshima.


The atomic bombing of Nagasaki.


President Harry Truman announces the surrender of Japan.


Japan’s official surrender, September 2, 1945.

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